About Us

Welcome to Beautifully More--Modern day fashion that celebrates curves, accentuates beauty and flatters the woman who embraces life’s changes. I started this business to offer beautiful, figure-flattering clothing to women as they embrace many of the changes that life throws at them. Whether it be childbirth, hormonal changes, effects of medication or other issues, we as women can find that clothing doesn't flatter quite the same.  Often times, after becoming a mom, women may wear the same size, however, it doesn't flatter any longer.  Because of hormonal changes and childbirth, a transformation has taken place that has called the body to shift.  Although, shifting can take place in many phases of a woman's life, the phases of shifting should be celebrated.  Because you are a woman, you are beautiful for the many things that you are able to endure and persevere through in your life. As women, we love unconditionally and give compassionate care to others.   Beauty comes from within and Beautifully More wants to help you display that beauty on the outside in what you wear.   

Personal Story:

The first years of my marriage, I battled infertility issues.  In fact, I was told that children were not a possibility for my husband and me.  After 7 years of marriage and lots of prayers, we were blessed with the first of our two children. Then two years later, we were blessed with our second son. They have been the joy of my life.  When my youngest was two, my husband was severely injured in an accident and was not given much hope of survival. He went through many operations and treatments.  He was disabled for some time while being artificially fed and unable to speak.  It was a difficult and stressful time for me as wife, mother and a caregiver.  My husband slowly recovered, and I had to work two jobs to make ends meet while trying to care for a sick husband and two children.  But, through the years, my husband recovered, and we survived as a family by God's grace.  Our family grew, persevered and we as a family became closer and our faith became stronger. 

Through this trial, I found that God created special gifts in me as a woman.  I found that I had enormous strength and endurance.  I found that multi-tasking was a way of life and that I was good at it.  I also realized that God created something beautiful within me.  I had qualities of beauty within me that I had not seen before, and I wanted to allow that beauty to show on the outside. 

I created Beautifully More, because I believe that all women are beautiful inside and out.  I wanted to create a store that would offer clothing that women could go to choose beautiful styles that flatters them no matter what their shape or size. 

It's my hope that your shopping experience with us makes shopping easy and satisfying. I hope you find the perfect wardrobe for the masterpiece that you are.

Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God's Masterpiece".